Nissan North America profits surge

North America is once again Nissan’s top profit region worldwide. In a comment made to today, David Reuter, Nissan North America’s vice president of corporate communications, said,”Nissan’s focus on profitable and sustainable growth in North America drove the company to record sales in the region. A fresh...
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Lotus puts U.S. price on the fastest Evora ever

Today, Group Lotus announced the U.S price for the new Evora 400, which the company says is the morst powerful Evora ever. When it arrives here in December, the Evora 400 will carry a base price of $89,900, not including taxes, documentation fees and such. In return, you...
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Mercedes launches Jurassic World campaign

Mercedes-Benz today announced a new marketing partnership tied in with the new movie Jurassic World that opens in theaters on June 12. Mercedes is using the movie to make a big splash as it introduces the new 2016 GLE Sports Coupe crossover that will replace the M-Class this...
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The challenge for the Challenger: new Camaro and Mustang

With yesterday’s introduction of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, the Dodge Challenger remains the only pony car without a major overhaul. This means the Challenger, which hasn’t been fundamentally modified since its introduction as a 2008 model, is up against cars that are state-the-art when it comes to a...
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