Chinese cars enter the US with surprises

Chinese Buick Envision (China)
Years ago, there were plans to bring Chinese-built cars into the United States. DaimlerChrysler talked about making subcompacts with Chery in China (and Nissan in Japan), and selling them in the US, even making concepts. Big named executives worked on importing Chinese cars under their own names — little, cheap...
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Infiniti Q70L: a transport of delight

The Q70L 5.6 is my kind of luxury car: a handsome, upscale sedan with all the necessary bells and whistles and gratifying performance. The Q70 line is one of the best-looking cars in its class, with sleek styling and a standout interior that drew compliments from passengers. Unlike...
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Toyota Camry Hybrid SE: More. Better.

The Toyota Camry has been the best selling passenger car in America since 2001 and it looks to be on track to add a 14th consecutive year to its total. The reason is simple: the Camry is one of the very best family cars on the market. It...
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Faraday takes on Tesla

Tesla Model X-ACP
Billionaire founder Elon Musk named Tesla Motors after an inventor born to a wealthy family, well trained and educated before he emigrated to the United States. Faraday Future, meanwhile, is backed by a Chinese billionaire, who now plans a $1 billion U.S. factory to build electric cars, with...
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VW cheating on safety too?

According to Bloomberg News, not only has Volkswagen deliberately rigged its emissions tests — around the world — but it has not reported incidents to the U.S. safety group charged with finding and resolving fatal defects. According to Bloomberg, at least one death and three injuries were illegally...
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