GM’s Akerson: $4 million/month?

General Motor’s former CEO, Dan Akerson, retired on January 15, 2014. His total compensation for those two weeks (and one day) of work was $2.1 million, according to today’s SEC filing. At that rate, one month’s compensation would total over $4 million. At a time when GM is heading into...
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Toyota worldwide leader; VW closes gap

Toyota worldwide sales fell 2.5%, to 2.52 million vehicles in the first quarter. Even with the drop, the numbers keep Toyota in the No. 1 spot, but its lead over No. 2 Volkswagen has shrunk to just 30,000 vehicles, or 1.2%. Last year, the margin was 90,000 vehicles....
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It’s getting grim for green cars

Sales of green cars, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electrics that run off of batteries continue to fall. Despite price cuts, tax credits, heavily-subsidized leases and several new models, green car sales volume fell 20.4% in March and 12.3% in the first quarter. Based on numbers supplied...
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Blast from the past: Vintage car driving

Every now and then, most drivers see a vintage car or truck on the road. It’s easy enough to look at them, but how does it feel to drive them? Some four years ago, ran a popular feature on what it’s like to drive a 1974 Plymouth in...
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A real calliope of your very own

It’s red; it’s noisy; it’s a calliope. You know you’ve always wanted one; now Hammacher-Schlemmer, the folks who brought you the Pedal Pub, a pedal-powered mobile bar with seating for 16, offers the Big Top Calliope, a scaled-down version of that steam-powered big-top music machine. Outside of the...
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