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General Motors platforms - current and future

This page is provided courtesy of Dan Minick. It includes current and future General Motors platforms, including Isuzu and Saab vehicles sold under GM nameplates, and has a list of where each is made. Updated 8-4-2002.

Currently (from smallest to largest and FWD except where noted):

Passenger Cars:

GM-4200 (subcompact): Chevy/Opel/Holden/Vauxhall Corsa/Barina/Monza/Joy/Swing (sold everywhere except USA & Canada)

Suzuki AA/M3 (subcompact): Chevy/Suzuki Metro/Cultus/Swift

GM-2700(?)(compact): Chevy/Opel/Holden/Vauxhall Astra (sold everywhere except USA & Canada)

GM-Z (compact): Saturn SL/SW/SC (USA/Canada only)

GM-J (compact): Chevy/Pontiac: Cavalier/Sunfire (USA/Canada/Mexico only)

Toyota E (compact): Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Corolla

GM-P90 (midsize): Chevy/Pontiac/Olds: Malibu/Grand Am/Alero (North America only--minimal export sales)

GM-2900 (midsize): Chevy/Opel/Vauxhall/Holden: Vectra and (I think)--Saab 9-3/9-5, and modified for Saturn LS/LW

GM-2800/VSP: RWD (midsize/large).

Australian, Middle East versions are widened and lengthened, and use North American 3.8 and 350 engines. Other versions use European powertrains - including the Catera. Coming to the US as the Pontiac GTO.

GM-W (mid/large): Chevy/Pontiac/Olds/Buick: Impala/ Monte Carlo/Grand Prix/Intrigue/Century/Regal (mainly sold in North America, some export of Impala)

GM-G: (large): Pontiac/Olds/Buick: Bonneville/Aurora/LeSabre/Park Ave

GM-K: (large): Cadillac Seville/Deville/Eldorado

GM-F: (RWD coupe): Chevy/Pontiac: Camaro/Firebird (North America only--minimal exports) - gets the axe.

GM-Y: (RWD coupe): Chevy Corvette. Cadillac Evoq roadster from this. May be new Camaro platform as well.


GM-2700(?) (fwd): Chevy/Opel/Holden/Vaux: Zafira (tall 4dr wagon/minivan based on GM2700/Astra) recently introduced to Japan as a Subaru model.

GM-U 2nd gen (fwd): Chevy/Pontiac/Olds/Opel/Vauxhall:

Venture/Transport-Montana/Silhouette/Sintra (co-developed by GM-NAO and GMEurope, the first generation plastic body minivan was too wide, too long for Europe. Wanting something to compete against Renault Espace, GME is involved in the 2nd generation design. However sales were still dismal in Europe and the Opel/Vaux Sintra is dropped, with GME focusing on the smaller Astra-based Zafira.

GM-U+?: Pontiac Aztek/Buick Rendezvous. The planned Saab version has been cancelled. (this is a modified U platform)

GMT-M: (RWD midsize van): Chevy/GMC Astro/Safari (US and Canada only)

GMT-600 (RWD large van): Chevy/GMC Express/Savanna (US and Canada only)

European & South American commercial vans are a joint venture with Renault.

Trucks: All RWD

ISZ-140: Chevy/Isuzu: LUV/Rodeo pickup (sold everywhere except North andSouth America)

GMT-325: Chevy/GMC/Isuzu: S10/Sonoma/Hombre (North America primarily, some South American sales)

GMT-800: Chevy/GMC: Silverado/Sierra

SUV: ALL RWD based

SUZ-JL: Chevy/Suzuki: Tracker/Sidekick/Vitara

ISZ-140: Isuzu/Opel/Vaux/Holden: Rodeo/Frontera/Axiom (also sold to Honda North America as the Passport)

ISZ-UBS (?): Isuzu/Holden: Trooper/Bighorn/Jackaroo

GMT-330: Chevy/GMC: Blazer/Jimmy

GMT-8x0: Chevy/GMC/Cadillac: Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/YukonXL/Escalade

NOW, here's the new stuff and what's coming:

There is clearly a move to consolidate platforms, not unlike the efforts by DaimlerChrysler to merge Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Mercedes platforms together and end up with a system like Ford, "covering the market without flooding it."

Delta (small car):

This will replace: GM-J, GM-Z, GM-2700 Astra/Cavalier/Sunfire/Saturn SL (Sunfire may be dropped). The new Saturn is the Ion.

Epsilon (intermediate):

Replacing: GM-2900 and GM-P90: Malibu/LS/Grand Am/Vectra/9-3 - this has gotten rave reviews as the Vectra, and early reports are that it will show up in the US without too many modifications.

Long wheelbase wagon type vehicle to appear as an Omega replacement? and as an upscale Chevy-USA model

Sigma (RWD big car):

Cadillac CTS.

Maybe: Park Avenue and LeSabre and possibly Cadillacs (DTS/STS).

Latest word has Bonneville getting the axe. Maybe an Omega replacement (also see Epsilon), although GME has said first that the Omega will not be replaced but that role filled by Saabs and Cadillac CTS. The CTS will use the Euro V6 as the Catera did, although CTS will be manufactured in USA.

GMH (Australia/South America)'s big RWD cars, I don't know the future for. Possibly big Lancias and Alfas from this platform?

Theta: Saturn Vue, maybe next generation Tracker?


This is the new Chevy Colorado, Chevy LUV, Isuzu pickup, GMC Canyon. A joint program. Powertrains will be GM's 5cyl for North America, Isuzu powerplants for the rest of the world. GM's inline 6 will NOT fit. This shares practically nothing with GMT-360. Replaces GMT-325 and pickup versions of ISZ-140. (The five cylinder is based on the Trailblazer straight six).


SUV Chevy Trailblazer/GMC Envoy/Olds Bravada. Chevy Trailblazer EXT/GMC Envoy XL long wheelbase editions, Envoy XUV midgate. Isuzu will get a lwb version (Ascender) to replace the Trooper. SSR is based on this platform. Buick Ranier will take over when the Bravada is phased out.

Toyota E+:

Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix/Toyota Caldina/Toyota Corolla/etc. USA versions manufactured at NUMMI.

GM-Y (C6):

Sixth generation Corvette will share its platform with the Cadillac XLR. XLR will be first out of the gate before C6 Corvette.

Also, don't forget that GM is anxious to integrate and utilize Subaru and its investment in Fiat Group. I would expect the Suzuki AA, GM-4200 to somehow share or combine with Fiat's future small car plans. Perhaps also some sharing between Saab and Subaru. think of Saab's 9-X prototype...

Daewoo now fits into the puzzle and will most likely be rolled into Suzuki and Fiat platforms. More to follow on this.

Where are they made?