Driving a classic 1974 Plymouth in 2015: The experience

Relatively few people have recently driven car from the carburetor age in the last ten years. Given the age of the population, many drivers have never driven a vintage car, with the original engine, brakes, and such, on public highways. This article is for those of you who have not taken an older car onto the roads in the last decade or two.

driving a classic car

Drivers of antique cars have the same issues, only multiplied. A 1924 Dodge Brothers car driver might be able to hit 35 mph, but not go any faster, and has far worse brakes than even something from ten years later. Cars have become more and more powerful, and able to stop and steer more and more effectively. Unfortunately, they’ve also become laden with distracting devices, too.

In the time when these cars were made, it was less common for drivers rely entirely on power of their brakes, though we still had zig-zaggers — those who cross three lanes three times in three seconds, searching for an advantage so they can gain one or two carlengths; they just generally didn’t cut it so close.… Read the rest

Disc brake renewal

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Call it a litmus test, if you will. Renewing a tired set of disc brakes is guaranteed to break you – pun intended – or bring you to a new level of understanding and appreciation of your car’s braking system. In any event, if your garage doesn’t have certain tools, you’re going to have to farm some things out. Don’t worry; you’ll still be part of the FIT (fix-it-yourself) auto fraternity. Besides, getting the job done correctly is more important than trying to do a job and failing, when you’re talking about stopping your car. A blown engine is something you can laugh about later. Running into another car, because your brakes weren’t probably prepared is another matter.

Ever since Elmer Ambrose of Cleveland, Ohio designed spot-type disc brakes for his electric car way back in 1898, disc brakes have been the preferred brake system for automobiles.… Read the rest