Chevy Sparking new car for ’19

2019 chevy spark

The little 2019 Chevrolet Spark, engineered in South Korea and largely ignored by American buyers, will have a minor facelift, if these photos from Real Fast Fotography are any indication.

2019 chevy spark

In April, Reuters claimed that the Spark was being replaced by a crossover, though one could argue it already is a crossover (the difference between a crossover and hatchback being defined largely by the marketing folk). The car, which starts at around $13,000 in the United States, already competes with the Chevrolet Sonic, and buyers can “go big” for $17,000 with the better-equipped Cruze.

2019 chevy spark

The Spark’s future is still in question, with Reuters saying the replacement would occur in 2022 — and then only if GM got concessions from South Korea and the local unions.

2019 spark car

The new Spark is expected to have new stereo/phone technology and optional low-speed automatic braking (collision alert with brakes), but otherwise stay essentially the same, with few if any powertrain alterations. Chevrolet sold fewer than 40,000 Sparks last year, which, though a tiny number compared with nearly any crossover or SUV, was enough to be considered good for the segment.

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