Chinese Raptor appears near Dearborn

Ford Raptor for sale in China

China is undergoing a massive economic boom, creating millionaires and billionaires as well as millions of impoverished, suicide-prone factory workers. For the priviledged few, Ford Performance has localized the F-150 Raptor pickup, as seen in these spy shots from Real Fast Fotography.

Ford Raptor for sale in China

There are only a few visible differences, presumably to conform to local lighting laws. Chances are the powertrain is untouched. Chinese buyers will have to pay a high premium to buy the car, which is made in North America and shipped over; while the country no longer charges a 25% import duty, the 15% tariff, which takes effect on July 1, is still fairly steep.

China Ford F-150 Raptor

The truck is being tested in the US, where Ford has its proving grounds. There’s no word yet on projected sales.

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