Europe’s new Wrangler shows up in the USA

Jeep Wranglers sold in Europe differ from their American counterparts in lighting, available engines, and other ways; some countries only get four-cylinder VM diesels. Now that Jeep has a four-cylinder option, though, Europeans will be able to get the 2019 Wrangler JL with a 2-liter, 265-horsepower turbo-four or a new 2.2 liter diesel with 200 horsepower. Either way, buyers will get an eight-speed automatic (sorry, no stick, presumably to avoid extra emissions testing).

wrangler overland europe

Will the gasoline-powered turbo Wrangler be the hybrid version (used in the US Wrangler) or the non-hybrid (used in the US Cherokee)? The UK Jeep site doesn’t mention a hybrid setup. Regardless, power ratings in the UK are listed as five horsepower lower — 265 vs 270 in the US.

Real Fast Fotography believes they caught a Europe-only Wrangler Overland being tested around the Detroit metro area; it has a more pedestrian-collision-safe front end to conform to European rules. It’s likely to debut in Europe as a 2019, since the JL series isn’t coming until late 2018.

There’s plenty of room now for the Wrangler to grow in sales, and since higher sales bring lower prices, there’s a strong potential for a virtuous cycle.

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