Will two-door Chargers return?


For years, Mopar fans have been asking why Dodge doesn’t make a two-door Charger, (and other fans have answered, “They do, it’s called the Challenger!”).

According to Australia’s carsales.com, FCA may actually bring back the two-door Charger, but with a catch: it would actually be a rebadged Challenger, sold only in Australia and, possibly, New Zealand.

2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat
Australians may be getting Dodge Challengers with the Chrysler Charger name. Above, a current Dodge Charger.

That would allow FCA to compete directly for mind-share with Ford, Holden, and everyone else, given the recent release of the chart-topping 797 horsepower Challenger Redeye; at the same time, it would cash in on the reputation of the Chrysler Charger, a loosely US-Valiant-based car developed in Australia in the 1970s. With a straight-six engine topped by three Weber carburetors — also developed in Australia — the Charger set a speed record that stayed put for decades. Racing versions dominated New Zealand circuits.


The Chrysler Charger might not make sense anywhere else, but it’s familiar to Australians, and recently enjoyed a well-sourced, thorough biography from Gavin Bridger and Gary Bridger (the second edition sold out last year, at around US$63/copy.)

Converting a Dodge Challenger to a Chrysler Charger would be very difficult, mostly because Australian cars use right-hand-drive. However, the company already exports the Chrysler 300 into Australia. Admittedly, if Chrysler had been on the ball in the first place, it would have been called the Chrysler Charger — four doors and all — and given a more Australian-Charger-ish grille. That might have boosted sales a bit, since the number of classic Chrysler 300s in Australia can probably be counted on one person’s fingers.

via Stephen Claydon and carsales.com

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