Is there a driver shortage? Our truckers respond

July 6, 2018 Richard Henley 0

Recently, our small panel of highly qualified truckers talked about long-haul trucking as a career. This week, they look at the question of whether there is, as many media outlets have claimed, a real driver shortage.  Richard: There is a driver shortage, but it’s not so much a lack of […]

Clint Ladd's Western Star truck

Do truckers really get $80,000 per year?

July 3, 2018 Richard Henley 0

Last time, our small but highly qualified panel of truckers looked into the alleged shortage of drivers. This week, they look at the Washington Post headline implying that drivers routinely get $80,000 per year.  Richard: The $80,000 per year in a recent Washington Post headline isn’t common. I looked up […]


Long-haul trucking as a career: Our panel’s views

July 1, 2018 Richard Henley 0

Long-time driver Richard Henley brought a small group of skilled, experienced drivers together to talk about their side of a Washington Post story on the current state of trucking. Before we jump into the questions, let’s review the credentials of everyone on the panel. Richard Henley returned to full-time trucking when he […]