peterbilt 387

Peterbilt 387/Cummins: an exhausting problem

January 5, 2018 Richard Henley 0

I was leaving Colorado with a load of pipe heading for Midland, Texas, and running down US 287 between Springfield and Campo, Colorado when I  noticed the truck was sounding a bit different. By the time I got to Boise City, my eyes were beginning to water, so I pulled […]

Turn signals — amber or red? Yes, it matters

January 4, 2018 Daniel Stern 14

What color should rear turn signals be? In North America they’re usually red, and can also be amber. Almost everywhere else in the world, they have to be amber. Traffic moves and changes quickly. Fractions of a second make the difference between a crash and a miss. That means that […]

output sensor fix

The universal “hidden warranties”

December 25, 2017 David Zatz 2

Every car sold in the United States comes with a warranty you may not be aware of, which covers a variety of components for up to ten years or 100,000 miles. This is a set of “emissions warranties,” designed to ensure that cars do not over-pollute. This mandated warranty was […]

2019 chevrolet silverado

Can new Chevy topple Ford pickups?

December 18, 2017 David Zatz 0

The 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500, shown at a centennial event, is billed as a complete re-design, with more customer research than any past GM pickup — feedback came from over 7,000 people. Like the aluminum F-150, it apparently shed a good deal of weight compared to past pickups; but it did […]

You’d think this Hyundai had a V6

December 15, 2017 David Zatz 0

We’ve driven cars with tiny little engines and big turbochargers before, and few satisfy. Even the relatively costly Volkswagen turbo is rather obviously just that — a well-executed four-cylinder turbo, with a slight lag when you first take off, and a definite buildup in power as the turbo spins. The […]