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Disc brake renewal

February 9, 2016 Terry Parkhurst 0

Call it a litmus test, if you will. Renewing a tired set of disc brakes is guaranteed to break you – pun intended – or bring you to a new level of understanding and appreciation of your car’s braking system. In any event, if your garage doesn’t have certain tools, […]

How hybrid-electric cars and trucks work

February 9, 2014 David Zatz 0

For many years, it seemed that the internal combustion engine was superior. No serious contender had won out, with electric and steam fading early in the automobile’s history, and Chrysler’s “burn anything” turbine efforts finally ended by the Federal government (despite promising results). Slowly, though, the technology for merging electric […]

2012 Fiat 500 Sport car reviews

December 13, 2012 David Zatz 0

 Exciting, comfortable small car. Why we’d buy it: Excellent traction, feel of speed, gradability, gas mileage, good manual transmission, Why we wouldn’t: lousy stereo, back seat room, hard to grab seat belts. Mileage: 30 city, 38 highway.  The Fiat 500, perhaps the quintessential small car, has been praised by people who hate […]