end of chrysler and fiat

Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat seem to have cloudy futures

May 31, 2018 David Zatz 0

Automotive News reporter Larry Vellequette discovered an agenda for tomorrow’s Fiat Chrysler Automobiles presentation that leaves out Fiat and Chrysler. The list of presentations shows Jeep and Ram on the American side, along with Alfa Romeo and Maserati on the Italian side — but Chrysler and Fiat will probably be locked […]

1956 Chrysler car

FCA to phase out both Fiat and Chrysler?

May 30, 2018 David Zatz 1

FCA is set to announce its next five-year plan (or four-year plan, depending on the source) tomorrow — but Bloomberg’s Tommaso Ebhardt has been talking about what’s in it today, over the radio and in print. In essence, the plan is mainly more of the same — Chrysler being restricted to […]

fiat chrysler

Yes, Fiat Chrysler is really one company

May 29, 2018 David Zatz 1

When Daimler bought Chrysler, for the price of a name change, the joke instantly because “DaimlerChrysler is pronounced ‘Daimler’ — the ‘chrysler’ is silent.” While there were engineers who respected their Chrysler counterparts, who often did more (or the same) with much less, leadership was quickly and clearly concentrated in […]

2018 dodge durango srt

Torque, towing, t’ree rows: Dodge Durango SRT

May 25, 2018 David Zatz 0

The Dodge Durango SRT has tons of torque and towing capacity, with three rows of seats to set it apart from the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (née SRT). With all wheel drive putting power to the ground, the big SUV allows for instant acceleration on wet concrete — from zero, from […]

Behind Apple’s odd VW hookup

May 24, 2018 David Zatz 0

Apple recently announced that it was outfitting Volkswagen vans with autonomous driving gear, to shuttle employees around their campus, in what seems to be a timid first test of Apple self-driving gear. There are two big questions here… Why Volkswagen? Why such a small test? To start with the second […]

Toyota picking up dropped car sales

May 1, 2018 David Zatz 0

American automakers are dropping their traditional cars, and import companies are picking up the sales that are being left on the table — possibly led by Toyota. Dodge and Chrysler started the trend by dropping their compact and midsize cars (their large cars will continue). Then GM announced it was […]

Hybrids and muscle go together

April 27, 2018 David Zatz 0

Most car guys I know loathe hybrid-electric cars. You can probably blame the Prius — a hyper-efficient car that’s a bit dull to drive, like a four-cylinder Camry.  V8 afficianados, even if they only drive minivans, tend to get all worked up about the Prius, making rash assumptions about the […]

Ford to end U.S. sedan sales

April 26, 2018 Bill Cawthon 0

On Wednesday, Ford announced a new, more aggressive cost-cutting plan that will have a significant impact on its U.S. product lineup. 110 years after it began production of the first mass-market automobile, the Model T, Ford is exiting the mainstream passenger car market in the U.S. and Canada. In the […]

BYD electric buses

Tesla doesn’t matter much — BYD does

April 25, 2018 David Zatz 0

Thanks to mis-steps on the part of Henrik Fisker, Elon Musk’s Tesla was the first major modern electric-car maker — but were they the most important? It seems unlikely. Fisker was close to making electric cars before Tesla, but ran out of cash; Tesla has yet to turn an annual […]