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cruze car reviewChevrolet Cruze RS Premier (2016) — quiet, competent, highly advanced compact that has enough legroom and features to replace a midsize car.

lancerMitsubishi Lancer SEL AWD (2016) — a fun, competent car that instantly responds to the throttle with all four wheels, and has a feel we thought had been lost to the class.

mazda3Mazda3 (2016) — strong acceleration and high economy with a large interior, big trunk, and a fun, light feel — what could go wrong? We found out in our test drive (hint: the user interface).

beetleVolkswagen Beetle Dune (2016) — fun for the everyday driver, the Beetle starts with a torquey 170 hp turbocharged engine, turns out good gas mileage along with quick acceleration, and throws in excellent handling. It feels lighter than its 3,000 pounds, has less quirky electronics than past Volkswagens. You pay a price for the look, but the Beetle is still a deal for what you get.

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