Mike Manley, FCA CEO

Words for Mike Manley, now in charge of Fiat Chrysler

August 1, 2018 David Zatz 2

Congratulations, Mr. Manley — or is it Mike? — on taking over Fiat Chrysler. I admit I don’t know you well, since we met just once (you didn’t seem impressed; I guess my digital recorder exploding didn’t help). It’s clear you’re driven by both customers and business issues, and that […]


4C: the specialty car that leads Alfa Romeo

July 13, 2018 David Zatz 0

Alfa Romeo has been selling cars in the United States for years, but most Americans don’t seem to know it; so the company brought some writers to the M1 Concourse, a private track in Pontiac, Michigan, and gave them the keys. I drove the Giulia sedan and Stelvio crossover, and learned […]

fiat chrysler

Yes, Fiat Chrysler is really one company

May 29, 2018 David Zatz 1

When Daimler bought Chrysler, for the price of a name change, the joke instantly because “DaimlerChrysler is pronounced ‘Daimler’ — the ‘chrysler’ is silent.” While there were engineers who respected their Chrysler counterparts, who often did more (or the same) with much less, leadership was quickly and clearly concentrated in […]