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Is Toyota’s sudden improvement too late for sedans?

June 14, 2018 David Zatz 0

Toyota, one of the world’s largest seller of sedans and hatchbacks, has just introduced a new “TNGA” platform/architecture that spans from the Prius to Lexus ES (in order of gas mileage). By doing that, Toyota transformed the feel and performance of the aged, cheapened Camry and the Corolla beyond recognition. The […]

Why does Toyota want to be what it isn’t?

February 15, 2018 David Zatz 0

In the United States, Toyota was most successful when it mercilessly copied General Motors. The Camry was specifically tuned for American tastes, using, among other things, former General Motors engineers. The first Avalon interior was practically a carbon copy of a past Chevrolet.  For a time, ironically, Toyota sold the Corolla […]