Ford latest for diesel-cheat suit

ford diesel lawsuit

Ford is the latest Bosch customer to be named in a lawsuit for falsifying diesel emissions tests.

The class action suit, aimed at Ford, Robert Bosch GMBH (the German headquarters), and Robert Bosch LLC (the American subsidiary), was filed yesterday in the Federal court for the Eastern District of Michigan by attorney Steve Berman.  It covers 2011-17 Ford “Super Duty” trucks with diesel engines — an $8,400 option.

ford diesel lawsuit

Legal firm Hagens Berman claimed that the companies sold “Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks with emissions-cheating devices that mask the release of illegally high levels of NOx.” NOx, or nitrides of oxygen, have been implicated in health problems.  Ford marketed the engine as “cleanest Super Diesel ever.”

According to Hagens Berman, independent testing revealed twice the legal limits of emissions, during normal driving.  The law firm is also suing Volkswagen, GM, Mercedes, and Fiat Chrysler. Those who join the class action suit do not have to pay up front, since the lawyers are paid out of the settlement or award.

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