Chevrolet SSR car review / test drive

Review Notes: 2005 Chevrolet SSR Automatic
Unusual features Well-designed convertible hardtop; unusually well-done retro styling
Above Average: Fun factor, instant acceleration from any speed
Needs Work In: Daft cruise control, minor squeaks and rattles
EPA gas mileage 17 city, 23 highway (automatic; manual is 16/26) but expect less


One of the happier results of a new spurt of special-purpose cars and trucks is the Chevrolet SSR, a truck with almost universal appeal, thanks to its attractive design, formidable performance, and pleasant ride.… Read the rest

The Chevy SSR’s hydroformed frame

The production version of the Chevrolet SSR uses a frame with fully hydroformed steel side rails. The hydroformed frame features great strength and stiffness, relatively low weight and precise quality.

Ted Robertson, chief engineer for the Chevrolet SSR said: “A traditional stamped frame with this amount of strength and rigidity would weigh roughly 20% more than this one.… Read the rest