ford diesel lawsuit

Ford latest for diesel-cheat suit

January 10, 2018 David Zatz 1

Ford is the latest Bosch customer to be named in a lawsuit for falsifying diesel emissions tests.

The class action suit, aimed at Ford, Robert Bosch GMBH (the German headquarters), and Robert Bosch LLC (the American subsidiary), was filed yesterday in the Federal court for the Eastern District of Michigan by attorney Steve Berman.  … Read the rest

dealer service bay

Avoiding dealer scams and unnecessary maintenance

July 8, 2006 David Zatz 1

Let’s start with the humble tune-up. Many dealers still have this set up as “the 24,000 mile service” or “50,000 mile service” if they’re less greedy. Chances are it’s not in your owner’s manual, but since few owners actually check the maintenance intervals, shady dealers don’t have to worry about that.… Read the rest