New book delves into original Wagoneers, Gladiators, and other Jeeps

March 24, 2021 David Zatz 0

A new book from the founder of Mopar site—and this site, aCarPlace—delves into the origins of classic Jeeps, including the innovative, twinned Wagoneer and Gladiator—vehicles which lasted for decades in almost their original form, aside from a few engine swaps. Published by Enthusiast Books, the history covers the modern […]

1972 Chevy Chevelle review writer

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle: the Hollywood star in Tehran

February 20, 2019 Shahab Anisi 0

The Chevelle gained a good reputation as being one of the best-selling A-body GM cars. A mid-sized automobile in GM’s collection of the giants back in that era, the Chevelle packed a perfectly-shaped Coke-bottle body design with a good range of powertrains left almost everybody satisfied. The Chevelle nameplate was […]


Where to buy car parts? It depends…

September 6, 2018 David Zatz 0

Where should you buy car parts? It depends on what you need them for, generally speaking, and how much time you have before you need them. Regardless, it’s good to find the part number — preferably from the old part. Most of them have a number stamped or inked on. The […]

Woodward’s walk through GM history

August 23, 2018 David Zatz 0

General Motors cars and trucks were everywhere at this year’s Woodward Cruise; here are a few fine (and other) examples, pulled at semi-random from photos by Real Fast Fotography. We’re taking responsibility for the captions. Let’s start with the Chevrolet Bel Air; the name was used from 1950 to (in […]

classic vs new cars

Were classic cars better and cheaper?

April 16, 2018 David Zatz 0

My “parade car” is a 1974 Plymouth Valiant. I enjoy driving it, now and then, and it still runs beautifully. It has plenty of torque, so there aren’t any issues with lack of power around town, though highway ramps require a little planning. Built in Newark, in a plant which […]

Whitewashing, neglect, fiction: Automakers and history

February 20, 2018 David Zatz 0

Every automaker has its own history, but how they approach it can be rather amusing. First, of course, is Mercedes, the world’s oldest automaker, which not only claims to have invented the car, but later on claimed to have invented the truck, as well. So far, sliced bread is safe […]

A 40th-anniversary New Jersey show

January 19, 2018 David Zatz 0

The Restored Rusty Relics automobile club of New Jersey is now, for the first time, taking on-line pre-registrations for its annual show — the 40th annual show. The Relics attract around 400 classic cars per year, with a floating “25 years or older” requirement which means that, this year, the 1993s […]


Why GM car keys went in with the teeth down

January 8, 2018 Richard Henley 2

In the grand old days before we, and probably our fathers, were born, Chrysler locks were built by Yale and Ford locks were built by Hurd. These were the common design called “pin tumbler” locks; they were pretty much identical to the locks on houses. These locks work best with […]

1910 Brush roadster car test drive

January 6, 2018 Terry Parkhurst 0

The new standard for pickup automatics is having eight to ten speeds in their automatic transmissions; but one of the foremost engineering innovators for fledging General Motors beat Toyota by about one hundred years. While he was at it, he also introduced some suspension ideas that would become commonplace. Alanson […]