Ford drops big hint about e-Mustang

e-mustang: electric Ford muscle car

An electric Ford Mustang is coming, if a brief commercial placement is any indication. Robert S. Miller pointed us to this freeze-frame showing a blue Mustang grille emblem in the middle of a commercial.

e-mustang: electric Ford muscle car

While any automaker can put lighted emblems onto the grille, the color blue is usually reserved for electric or hybrid cars. It could be that Ford’s planning a hybrid version of their hot little four-cylinder turbo, though the company has started heavily investing in electric powertrains — after years of leaning on Magna, Toyota, and public relations for the aura of modernity.

Ford is already taking potshots at Tesla, with a commercial voiceover declaring, “It’s never been launched into space” about the Ford Escape; but, in a couple of years, perhaps Ford will, as its commercial declares, have something real to sell. By then, pretty much every other automaker will have a wide range of electric cars on the street.

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