2020 Ford Explorer: hybrid coming, police continues

2020 Ford Explorer spy shots

The 2020 Ford Explorer will add a new hybrid-electric option, while keeping the “Interceptor” police pursuit version, which has been far more popular than Ford’s Interceptor sedans.

2020 Ford Explorer spy shots

As in the past, the vehicle — now a unit-body crossover — will share its platform with the Lincoln Aviator. Most of its basics are expected to stay the same — seating for seven or eight people, for example, and rear wheel drive with an all wheel drive option. It will almost certainly have all the latest safety and convenience technology Ford can throw at it, especially with a new Jeep Grand Cherokee coming at around the same time.

2020 Ford Explorer police car

Some expect a 400-horsepower Explorer ST version, though Ford is unlikely to match the 485-horsepower Dodge Durango SRT. The transmission will go to ten speeds, though a six-speed might remain with base models and possibly the police cars. The non-turbo V6 may be dropped in favor of a 2.7 liter twin-turbo V6; the four cylinder will probably remain.

Real Fast Fotography caught the 2020 Ford Explorer in the spy shot above, providing a clear image of the car’s shape and general appearance. It looks as though there’s more room under the hood, possibly to change the engine mounting but also possibly to help in fitting a hybrid setup or improving crash-test ratings. The rear overhang looks longer than on the police car shown in Ford’s image, and the roof doesn’t seem to curve as much, so maybe this is actually a future Expedition or Aviator? We’ll find out soon enough.

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