rolls-royce cullinan

Rolls: HEY, LOOK AT ME!!!

Generally, automakers try not to have their prototypes photographed by spy cameras. Rolls-Royce, on the other hand, actually provided “spy shots” to the media.

They went so far as to leave the hood ornament in place, apparently trying to entice people into photographing their station wagon — I mean SUV — and publicizing the images.… Read the rest

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gac- Trumpchi gs7

What name should Trumpchi switch to?

Long ago, Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC), which builds cars with Fiat Chrysler in China, decided to sell in the United States. Their name, in Mandarin, was created to sound like passing good fortune, but the English transliteration didn’t work out so well — “Trumpchi.”

According to Reuters, the company was surprised to find out that people were associating their brand name with Donald Trump, which the Motor Design Director said “might not be very positive promotion.”

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Is this the production BMW X7?

BMW has released some photos of the X7 iPerformance Concept, but not the production car itself. Today, those photos have surfaced from a location near BMW’s facility.

The biggest vehicle ever made by BMW, the X7 is a full-size SUV, chasing sales where they seem strongest; it will have three rows of seats, and will hold either six or seven people.… Read the rest

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